Sustainability is the big idea of the 21st century, encompassing and providing the central theme that integrates a range of topics including global warming, energy, resource utilization, environmental responsibility, biodiversity, economic development and social responsibility.  It is, in a very real sense, the remaking of our global industrial and consumer economy, piece by piece, sector by sector, with the understanding that, like it or not, we need to accommodate the long-term co-existence of seven billion people (and counting) who are seeking ever greater material and energy intensive standards of living, alongside 30 million other species, all on a single, small, planet.

While, as a tectonic force underneath our other activities, aspects of sustainability are behind policy shifts in governments and multilateral institutions, it is also a huge innovation engine, driving the creation of new technologies and businesses, and causing existing ones to re-think their value propositions and value chains, if not their entire strategy and mission.

Chandler Reed works closely with these enterprises and institutions helping them to accelerate their path to success.  Some of the sectors of sustainable innovation include:


the big idea: sustainability -

green, clean, global







  1. renewable / alternative energy / power

  2. solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, wave

  3. energy from waste

  4. biofuels / biomass

  5. energy storage

  6. distributed generation

  7. sustainable transportation

  1. green building

  2. smart grid

  3. energy efficiency

  4. advanced materials

  5. nanotechnology

  6. biomimicry

  7. de-carbonization

  8. carbon trading

  9. environmental technologies

  1. water

  2. sustainable development

  3. social capital

  4. health / medicine

  5. biodiversity

  6. industrial ecology

  7. sustainable agriculture

  8. digital / telecom

  9. security

  10. resource efficiency


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